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Push ups are a really good exercise for developing shoulders muscles, abdomen and pelvis while also strengthening the muscles of the arms and chest and, thanks to JLL press up stand, push ups won’t be that hard.

JLL push up stand is made of lightweight durable metals with slip-resistant handles for optimum comfort whilst exercising and non-slip bases. These press up bars are easily portable and help reduce the strain on your wrists and forearms.

Here you’ve got some of the benefits of using this affordable piece of equipment:

  • The stands elevate the hands which makes a better workout for your chest than the traditional push ups. And stretch your arm muscles every time you go further down.
  • The durable pre-curved handle provides sufficient resistance and support whilst performing push ups.
  • Standard stands are built slightly angled to reduce wrist strains and allow you to do more reps since it minimizes the strain on your wrists and make your workouts more intense.
  • The foam-covered grips on the stands prevent hand strains and blisters.
  • Very portable pieces of exercise equipment.

With the JLL press up stand you will see a huge improvement in your push up technique!


Classic push ups: place the push up/press up bars equidistant from each other (shoulder width) and do a simple push up, hold in that position for about 2 seconds and the push back up. Do 10-15 repetitions.

Triceps dip: extend your legs and heels on the ground, place the arms by your side and palms holding the push up/press up bars. Lift your body up, bend arms backwards so the body lowers toward the ground and hold tight before the bum touches the floor. Slowly come back up to starting position