High quality Sonifer coffee grinder kt1126

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  • This product has been compactly designed and small in size, making it easy to use in a variety of environments. The stainless steel body design is ergonomic and makes the handshake better.
  • SONIFER is equipped with 220V~240V powerful motor, high-power motor, which can easily grind coffee beans, grains, spices, salt, etc. into powder, and restart it every 10 seconds or so, so that your operation is more convenient.
  • Using stainless steel body, exquisite and beautiful, easy to clean, clean and hygienic, can prevent the fuselage from falling down and causing damage to the fuselage in case of accident. Using transparent cover, you can check the grinding fineness at any time during the working process of the product, and grasp the grinding time at any time , do not have to open the lid to view
  • Multi-functional use, this product is not limited to grinding coffee beans, he can also be used to grind cereals, peppers, spices, large-grain salt, and self-grinding mask powder to further enhance the function of the product.
  • Safe design: This product is very safety-conscious, When you use this product, there is a safety buckle between the cover and the body. Only when you cover the cover, the safety buckle will lock, the product presses the switch, Will start working .Avoid the lid without being covered, causing powder splash