Faanush.com −A complete online store is a Bangladeshi E−commerce website.We are one of the first introducing e-commerce in Bangladesh providing easy shopping from home. We are (Faanush.com) one of the experienced and self−contained E−commerce website in Bangladesh.Our goals are
-Providing products factory/field to consumer,
-Providing quality products in minimum price
-Being the largest and trusted E-commerce website in Bangladesh.

We− Faanush.com have started our journey on 24 November 2012 and providing service from 2013 May 8 and with every day becoming more experienced, rich in products and service which leading us− Faanush.com to one of the Leading E−commerce website in Bangladesh.

At present our online store Faanush.com is rich with Original Brand Watch CASIO and Smart watch, have a large collection of exclusive Gadgets and accessories, a wonderful collection of traditional dresses as well as latest Fashionable dresses, exclusive design fashion jewelry, Cooking Friendly modern Kitchen items, various Health care products, Beauty care products, a large authentic collection of Leather goods, Special category Chocolate n Gift, Toys n Hobbies, Camping & Hiking and LED Special.

We Faanush.com promise quality products and best customer service. We are always working hard to offer as much as support for our dear customer as possible for a Brand E−commerce website in Bangladesh.

Introducing Faanush.com with latest addition
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Our Dream is to be the best E−commerce website in Bangladesh by providing quality products as well as the best service.